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Nick Pineault

3 Simple Steps That Transform Your Kitchen From Fat STORING Foods To Fat BURNING Foods In LESS Than 24 Hours...

Picture the foods that are in your fridge at this very moment.
Did you know that almost every single one of these foods contain “hidden” fat-storing ingredients that can slow down your metabolism, sap your energy, and block your fat burning potential by a whopping 82% – even the ones you think are “healthy”?
Did you know that there’s a super simple way to rid your life of these “fattening” foods and SWAP them with delicious foods that BOOST your metabolism and dramatically accelerate your fat loss?
In fact, once you uncover the so-called "healthy" foods inside your kitchen that STOP your body from burning fat, you'll instantly be able to create your own fat burning kitchen loaded with foods that will automatically make stubborn belly fat your body's daily "go-to" energy source.
All you have to do is to read through the short article below and you’ll discover the easiest way to transform your kitchen and FIX your slow fat-loss – and you’ll do it in LESS than 24 hours.
Health Food
This isn’t another quick fix or diet scam where you’ll end up being sold some miracle weight loss pills. It doesn’t require you to buy expensive organic foods or shady supplements. In fact, this information is CRITICAL for everyone to understand – even those who shop at health food stores and farmers’ markets all the time.
It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, or anything in-between...or what your current goals are. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have OR how good you think your diet already is. If you eat food, this information will revolutionize your nutrition plan AND help you burn more stubborn fat.
My name is Nick Pineault, but people call me “The Nutrition Nerd” because I’ve spent the last 7+ years relentlessly researching, reading articles, and analyzing studies to master my knowledge on nutrition and the unique power of fat burning foods.
What I’ve uncovered is startling and it exposes the hundreds of dirty little tricks the big food industry, the diet industry, and even Governments try to hide from you because they don’t want you to know the real truth. These dirty little food tricks age you faster, block your body’s ability to burn fat and prevent you from feeling great.
Even though all the “bad guys” hate me for being honest, I’m on a mission. And now dozens of renowned fitness experts, nutritionists and fat loss coaches from all around the world endorse my work.
Just read the short article below and you’ll uncover a few of the most shocking discoveries I made so you canSTOP being scammed into buying the wrong fat storing ingredients.
But I do have to warn you. What you’re about to read is often considered highly controversial and goes against the grain of the mainstream diet and nutrition industry.
In fact, you’ll see how these little-known truths are the exact opposite of what you’ll hear from your local dietician, your family doctor, and almost all old school nutritionists and personal trainers.
So if you’re ready to uncover the REAL truth about fat burning foods and you’d like to burn 82% more fat every single day, with just a few small tweaks in the foods you eat, then keep reading.
But if you still believe everything you hear in the media is true and you can’t accept the fact that you’ve probably been force fed dozens and dozens of food lies, then this article is definitely not for you.
However, if you choose to continue reading you’ll finally discover ALL the “healthy” foods that are making you store more belly fat – WITHOUT you even knowing it.

These 3 reasons reveal what you MUST STOP doing the next time you shop for "healthy" food because it's DAMAGING your metabolism… and EXACTLY how you can "transform" your diet to quickly burn off belly fat – in 24 hours or LESS.

Just follow the 3 simple steps below and you’ll discover which foods can “shut off” your cravings and “turn on” your body’s fat-burning switch with each and every bite making it IMPOSSIBLE for you NOT to burn MORE stubborn belly fat.
Below, you’ll find all 3 steps, and you’ll also discover an easy and delicious way to “fix” your broken diet and KEEP your body in a consistent, fat burning environment 24 hours a day – all while eating MORE of your favorite foods.

Step #1: STOP Trusting Food Labels (They're NOT trustworthy)

Everyone believes reading labels is a good way to determine if a food is healthy or not – but that’s only partially true.
To make more money from uneducated consumers, most food manufacturers use dirty little tricks to hide dangerous and fattening ingredients in common foods that you eat everyday. And worst of all, these fake ingredients are specifically designed to make you ADDICTED to their stuff.
One of many examples is “trans fats”. If you don’t know by now, this is one of the most dangerous foods in existence.
Eating just a tiny amount of this nasty ingredient can increase your risk of heart disease and promote accumulation of visceral fat – a dangerous kind of belly fat that’s almost impossible to get rid of.
Well, believe it or not, MANY of the foods that show “Zero Trans Fat” on the label actually contain a TON of it.
Thanks to the FDA, manufacturers are allowed to label ANY food, even so-called “healthy” ones, with less than .5g of trans fat per serving as “Trans Fat-Free”. Almost every manufacturer lowers their portion sizes on the labels to hide their claims on their products while filling them with this dangerous and fattening ingredient.
Vegetable OilHere’s a powerful, eye-opening example. When you eat just ONE handful of “Zero Trans Fat” crackers you poison your body will a couple grams of toxic, fat-storing trans fat – WITHOUT even being aware of it.
But wait. It gets even worse. There’s one common food in particular that’s probably in your pantry, right now, and it contains loads of trans fat that don’t appear ANYWHERE on the label.
That’s right. NOT on the ingredients list, NOT in the nutrition facts, and not even on your favorite Internet food database. Nowhere.
Very few people know this, but vegetable oil (made from fat-storing corn, soybeans or canola) has to go through an extreme 5-step processing method before it ends up on your supermarket shelves.
This high pressure, high temperature process destroys all the “heart-friendly” fats originally contained in the oil and transforms it into dangerous trans fats.
According to a shocking study by the University of Florida at Gainesville, your vegetable oil can contain up to 4.6% hidden trans fat that’s not on the label. Kind of scary, I know.
But there’s a super easy way to avoid these hidden and dangerous fats. You can read all about it on the next page.

Step #2: STOP Avoiding Saturated Fats (You've been lied to)

The media, doctors and the big food industry spend millions of dollars every year trying to convince all of us that red meat is “fattening” and why you should avoid it if you want to lose belly fat. After all, it does contain a lot of dangerous saturated fats – right?
Don’t fall for it. It’s just another nutrition myth that prevents you from eating some of the BEST fat burning foods on the planet.
In fact, the RIGHT kind of saturated fat is actually good for you and can even help you lose belly fat. Recent studies actually prove that saturated fat REDUCES your risk of heart disease and supports weight loss.(Reference: Ann Intern Med. 2005 Mar 15;142(6):403-11)
EggsThat’s because “healthy” saturated fat sources like grass-fed beef and pasture-raised eggs contain a natural fat burner called CLA – plus a ton of other essential nutrients that can BOOST your metabolism and accelerate your fat burning.
But if you continue listening to all the nonsense and false information everybody tells you about this “friendly” fat-burning fat, you’ll be missing out on one of the most powerful fat-burning foods you could ever eat.
You’ll learn exactly what kind of fats you can eat to burn MORE fat using the system on the next page.

Step #3: STOP Using Fake "Health" Foods (They're in your kitchen right now)

If the first two reasons didn’t surprise you, this one surely will.
Thanks to the relentless greed of most food manufacturers, that obviously could care less about your health, some of the healthiest foods in your kitchen may be fake.
Here's proof.
In 2010, Consumer Reports – one of the most credible non-profit organizations fighting for consumer rights in the US – revealed that around 20% of ALL olive oils are fake and have been mixed with other cheap oils, while still claiming they are 100% pure.
Olive IllustrationThis food hoax was uncovered once again in 2012, when the UC Davis Olive Center found out that only 27% of all olive oils passed the quality test to be labeled “extra virgin” – the best and most nutritious kind of olive oil there is.
So the olive oil you have in your kitchen RIGHT NOW might contain up to 100% vegetable oil, even though the label “says” it’s healthy. And don’t forget, vegetable oils are LOADED with dangerous, fat-storing trans-fat.
You can go ahead and TRY to find a manufacturer who actually cares and delivers a legitimate olive oil to support your weight loss goals, but it’s a crapshoot.
Or you can my use my 10 second breakthrough method on the next page where you’ll discover the TRUTH about choosing the right olive oil and uncover whether or not your oil is really fake.

WARNING: These Food Truths May Be Hard To Swallow

If you’re still questioning whether or not everything I’ve revealed above is really accurate, or you’re not willing to accept the blatant lies the food industry has force fed you about fat burning foods, then The Truth About Fat Burning Foods system is simply NOT for you.
However, if you’d like to learn how this unique solution works, just click the “Next Page” button below and you’ll discover a simple system that will show you EXACTLY how to rid these fat-storing foods from your kitchen – andhow you can quickly and easily swap them out with mouth-watering foods that accelerate your metabolism, help you conquer your cravings and FORCE belly fat to be your “go to” energy source on a daily, ongoing basis.
It’s proven, it’s efficient, and it’s one of the fastest ways to transform your kitchen from fat STORING foods, to fat BURNING foods in LESS than 24 hours.
And since 82% of your fat loss comes from nutrition, this is also one of the surest and easiest ways to get a flat, attractive belly and six pack abs fast, WITHOUT strict, complicated diets, long boring exercise sessions, OR having to buy outrageously expensive organic groceries.
WARNING: All dieters, health nuts and food lovers who struggle to lose stomach may be sabotaged by the common "health foods" sitting in your fridge right now...all because of new and dangerous hidden additives from Global Food Conglomerates...

“Breakthrough Science Proves It.”
Now You Can Instantly Transform Your Diet To Burn
MORE Belly Fat
 By Banishing The “Hidden” Fat-Storing Ingredients Lurking Inside Your Kitchen Using These
Little-Known, Simple And Delicious Food Swaps…

And You'll Do It TODAY - In As Little As 24 Hours!

Yes, By This Time Tomorrow, You Can Transform All The Ingredients Hidden Right Inside Your Own Kitchen From Fat STORING Foods to Fat BURNING Foods That Automatically “Fix” Your Broken Metabolism and Force Your Body To Burn MORE Stubborn Belly Fat.

You don’t need to follow a strictcomplicated diet.

You don’t need to buy expensive Organic groceries.

And you certainly don’t need to prepare a bunch of bland, boring, and tasteless recipes.

Read this Highly Controversial Report by: Nick Pineault, Food Detective and Expert Author –
Before Global Food Conglomerates Force Us to Take it Down
Did you know that harmful additives are hidden inside common “health” foods that you probably have inside your fridge right now?
These additives block your body’s natural ability to burn fat.
These “dirty” ingredients also trigger more food CRAVINGS.
potato chips
And they contain harmful ingredients that cause you to become addicted to these foods like a hardcore street drug.
In fact, there is one sneaky little culprit that's found in almost every supermarket “health food” that attaches to the same EXACT receptor that causes junkies to become addicted to opiates like heroin and morphine.
Why? Because it's fast, it's cheap, and it helps the food industry profit from you. You see, when you get hooked on the "addictive" additives in their foods, you buy more and more.
If you’ve ever experienced uncontrollable cravings or if you’ve ever found yourself gorging on an entire bag of greasy chips then you’re not alone.
And it’s getting more dangerous every day because those “dirty” ingredients that are normally found in unhealthy, fattening chips and processed pastries are now put into the common “health” foods you eat everyday.

The food industry manufactures these dangerous
additives, disguises them and labels them "healthy"
when they are NOT.

In a minute, I’ll reveal a few of these dangerous “health” foods that I bet are sitting in your kitchen RIGHT NOW. You may have even eaten them today with your family.
That’s why you’re not losing weight...even though you’re eating these “healthy” foods.
You may have suspected it for quite some time. But now I’m here to tell you that your suspicions are right and I’m going to prove it.
Unless you read the information and data I may never live life with that lean, attractive, flat belly or get the body you so deeply desire.
You may even continue to feed your kids these “dirty” ingredients.
But, if you keep reading, you’ll learn exactly how you can eliminate these “hidden”, fat-storing additives from your life so you can burn belly fat effortlessly and turn ON your body’s fat-burning switch.
You’ll finally KNOW which “healthy” food choices make you store fat and become addicted.
And you’ll finally know which foods force your body to legitimately burn fat.
Once you discover the great lies you’ve been fed by the food and diet industry, you’ll finally find the easiest path to get the lean and sexy body you’ve always wanted...

What the French Know That You Don’t That’s
STOPPING Your Body From Burning Belly Fat

The French Paradox
It’s 12:15 pm in Paris.
Outside in the narrow street, you can hear the clicking sound that a pair of high heels makes on the beautiful stone pavement.
Click, clack. Click, clack. Click, clack.
Down the alley goes a French girl in her late thirties. Slim, sexy and petite, her short dress fits her perfectly – with none of the usual embarrassing fat hanging everywhere.
Behind her walks a handsome man that looks like he’s in his 30s but he’s really in his late 40s or early 50s, judging by his short salt and pepper hair.
His fitted black shirt clearly reveals a toned, muscular body, free of any of the usual beer belly, love handles and man boobs you would sadly expect from any American man at that age.
They both enter a small café to indulge in their favorite lunchtime foods after skipping “breakfast”.
A strong black coffee, some pieces of fruits, fatty cheese and a croissant with butter – all foods that will help them burn fat and keep their lean body.
YES, you heard it right!
Thousands and thousands of these people SKIP breakfast in the morning, eat some of their favorite carbs with butter at lunch, and basically break all the rules…
Yet, they STILL stay lean year in and year out?
Think it’s impossible? It’s not.
It’s what researchers call…

Wine & Cheese“The Mysterious French Paradox”.

Despite regularly eating high-fat cheeses, delicious breads, red meat, while topping it off with liters of exquisite red wine, the French still seem to magically be able to prevent fat gain.
But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.
Researchers from the University of Harvard found that this paradox applies to the French’s brain health, blood pressure, cholesterol and heart health – all largely superior to Americans. (Reference: The Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Institute Letter, Winter 2007, Vol. 13, No. 1)
Some studies are trying to prove that resveratrol – a special antioxidant found in red wine – is responsible for all these amazing benefits.
But c’mon! We all know that’s total B.S.
Wine consumption has grown exponentially across the globe over the last several years and people are obviously NOT getting leaner. In fact, the exact opposite is happening. People are getting sicker and fatter.
There’s something else the french are doing. A secret that all the doctors and researchers are missing out on…

The “Hidden” Secret KEEPING America Fat

Despite the fact there are thousands of new diets and fat-loss gadgets released every year, obesity rates and disease are at all time highs in America and across the globe.
So we all know something is clearly NOT working.
But what about the sexy French couple from the story above?
How do they continue to keep the fat off their body year after year?
Let me tell you the simple truth that the lean and sexy French couple from the story above uses to keep them lean:

Certain foods you THINK you need to avoid actually burnWAY more fat than most of the normal “healthy” food choices you shop for.

I’m sure you’ve heard it over and over again.
In order to burn stomach fat and lose weight, just “eat less” and exercise more.
In other words, put your body in a calorie deficit and burn off more than you take in – right?
We all know this works. But it’s temporary.
That’s why 95% of the population gains all, or more, of their weight back within a year after starting a crash diet.
You see… the food and diet industries want to KEEP YOU FAT. It’s their job and they get paid handsomely for it.
The fatter you are, the more new fad diets you’ll buy into, and the more you’ll “consume” what they’re selling you.
Of course, this just means more money in their pockets.
But do you really think lean and healthy people, like the French, obsess over counting calories?
Absolutely not.

They simply focus on little-known fat burning foods.

But that’s not all. The most important piece of the fat loss puzzle is what’s left out and been “hidden” from all of us.
MOST of these foods are NOT what you think they are.
As you’ll discover below, the foods you think help you burn fat are probably making you fatter with every bite.
It’s no wonder most of us keep gaining the pounds, year after year, instead of looking closer to the French couple…

Until You Discover Exactly WHAT These Fat Burning Food Are, You’ll NEVER Burn Off “Stubborn” Belly Fat…

Before I uncover the real truth about these fat burning foods, I want you to imagine a better life.
Take a moment away from any distraction and just think how it would feel to be in TOTAL control of how much fat you burn.

NO EXCUSESImagine what would your life be like if...

ONEYou didn’t feel hungry all the time and didn’t crave all the wrong foods. Knowing you could enjoy delicious foods, without guilt, because they actually made you leaner AND healthier with every bite.
TWOYou could wear any clothes you feel like. You would never have to embarrassed again about going to the beach, a family party, or a social function because you could wear your skinny clothes again.
Unlimited motivationTHREEYou felt like food was your ally, instead of your enemy. Indulging in your favorite treats wouldn’t make you feel bad, because you’d be the one who is in control of how much fat you want to burn, and how fast you want to burn it.
FOURYou had unstoppable motivation, willpower and energy to make real change in your life, stick to your healthy eating plan and be a huge source of inspiration to all your friends and family.
The good news is that getting the body of your dreams is not as difficult as it may seem. The bad news is that you’ve probably been falling into the same exact trap that prevents millions of people from losing weight and quickly burning off belly fat.
To prove my point, here’s one quick example…

“How One Dark Decision Killed Thousands Of
Americans And Made Millions More Obese”

It’s 1956.
In a dark office where the cigar smoke is so thick most people could barely see or breathe, but you can hear the noisy clicking of someone using an old typewriter.
The words of a life-saving letter slowly appear on the yellow sheet of paper:
Dear Jack,
I’m afraid the American Heart Association might be wrong in its assumptions concerning the safety of trans fat.
My latest paper goes in length describing the terrible effects that trans fatty acids had on rats in just a couple of weeks.
We’re talking about a very concerning increase of heart disease rates, obesity, arterial tension and a vast array of heath conditions for all animal subjects.
TypewriterYou’ll find attached to this letter my research paper. I was hoping you could use your influence to make sure it gets published, even if I know my results could spark controversy.
Yours truly,
But the research paper that PROVED trans fats are dangerous and fattening did NOT get published.
And dozens more that were introduced over the next decade without ANY action taken.
Instead, trans fat-laden products like Crisco and margarine became VERY lucrative while the big players in the industry flat out ignored the evidence.
Over the next several years the amount of heart-damaging trans fat in the American diet steadily increased – killing thousands of people and adding on pound after pound of dangerous body fat for millions of others.
In 2006, a whopping 50 years after the very first studies proved they were dangerous – trans fat finally got labeled in the US, and big corporations had no choice but to start removing them from their products.
Let me quickly repeat myself so it sinks in.

It took more than 50 years for consumers to discover they
had been eating these dangerous fats EVERY single day.

Do you really want to wait for the rest of your life to discover that you could be eating unhealthy foods and ingredients that BLOCK your fat loss and expand your waistline?
Of course not.
But don’t worry – you are now seconds away from finally discovering what these foods are and unlocking 80% of your fat loss potential.

How I Discovered The Food Secrets That
Overcome “Bad” Genetics And END Slow
Fat-Loss In LESS Than 24 Hours…

My name is Nick Pineault. I’m an Expert Author and Food Detective, but my friends call me “The Nutrition Nerd”.
I’ve spent the last 7+ years relentlessly researching, reading articles, and analyzing studies to master my knowledge on nutrition and the unique power of REAL fat burning foods.
Nick PineaultWhat I’ve uncovered is startling and it exposes the hundreds of dirty little tricks the big food industry, the diet industry, and even Governments try to hide from you because they don’t want you to know the real truth. These dirty little food tricks age you FASTER, block your body’s ability to burn fat and prevent you from feeling great.
Even though the food industry and traditional dieticians tend to hate me for being honest, I’m on a mission.
So although my findings are highly controversial, dozens of fitness professionals, world-renowned fat loss experts, nutritionists, and doctors from all around the globe put their seal of approval on my research.
Ever since I discovered the shocking truths about a lot of so-called “health foods”, I feel a sense of duty and obligation to share with the REAL truth with the entire world.
That’s why I’ve made it my life mission to transform the life of 1,000,000 people by 2020 with all my food secrets.
In reality, I’m just like you. I want to know EXACTLY what to eatand what to avoid so I can stay lean, year in and year out, without dealing with restrictive, complicated diets, ridiculous one hour exercise sessions, OR having to go broke buying expensive Organic Food every week.
And that’s EXACTLY what you’re going to discover below...

What If I Told You EVERYTHING You Think You Know About Shopping For "Healthy" Food And Eating RIGHT IsDEAD-WRONG?

What if I told you that 99% of foods you “think” help you burn fat and keep you healthy are, in fact, a COMPLETE waste of your money?
And what if I told you that most of these foods contain hidden fattening ingredients that make you pack on the pounds with every bite and it STOPS your body’s ability to burn off ugly fat?
If you honestly think this is no big deal, stick with me. My research and cases studies below PROVE that your healthy diet could be sabotaging your success.

JudyFirst Case Study: Judy

When I met Judy, this 45 year-old red-haired woman had already lost 13 pounds in the last year by simply cutting calories. So although she had some initial success, like most folks do, it didn’t last.
Judy was concerned that something might be wrong with her body because it had been more than 2 months since she had lost a single pound.
So even though she was happy about losing a little weight, she still had to get rid of all the embarrassing fat in the problems areas. The back of her arms. Her hips and butt. And don’t forget the most embarrassing part, her pooch belly.
She also started craving all the wrong foods early in the afternoon – almost every single day.
I took a look at Judy’s diet and instantly detected a LOT of problems, especially about what she ate early in the day.


• 100% pure orange juice
• 2 pieces of wheat toast
• Margarine
• Low-fat yogurt
• Tomato soup with shrimp
• Lean chicken breast with Brussels sprouts and a small salad
My verdict was clear. Judy’s food choices promoted fat gain early in the morning, slowed down her fat burning tremendously as the day went on and was responsible for all her unusual cravings.
Then I taught her the truth about fat burning foods. She simple swapped out the wrong choices for the RIGHT choices, which automatically eliminated all the fat storing ingredients “hidden” inside her so-called healthy diet.


Orange juice, even when it’s 100% pure, gives a fraction of the nutrients of a whole orange, and packs 5X the sugar.
And because it lacks the fiber that normally would help you prevent a HUGE spike in your blood sugar… it’s way more fattening and less filling than eating real fruit.
Instead of drinking your calories – which is a really bad idea when trying to lose weight – use the healthy sugar-free alternative I talk about in The Truth About Drinks. It’s simply delicious and it’s proven to KEEP your body in fat burning environment.


Some people think wheat bread is better than white bread, but it almost always contains ingredients that are horrible for your health and weight loss goals, like high fructose corn syrup and vegetable oil.
In fact, some wheat breads have been shown to spike blood sugar HIGHER than 2 tablespoons of table sugar, forcing your body to store more belly fat and wreaking havoc on your metabolism.
Also, most brown breads actually contain LESS whole grains than white breads. That’s right. You’ve been lied to – again.
If you want to eat bread and still lose fat (which is possible), just grab the tasty bread I talk about on page 61 of The Truth About Protein, Fat & Carbs. It contains 8X more fat burning nutrients than wheat bread, DOUBLE the fiber and even high quality protein which will kill your cravings.


Butter? Have you lost your mind?
Nope. Forget about the naysayers who still argue that margarine (15+ ingredients AND chemicals) is more “natural” and healthier than butter (made with cream and salt).
Truth be told, margarine and nearly ALL other alternative butter spreads are made with dangerous vegetable oils that contain up to 4.6% hidden trans fats – the deadliest fat source in existence. Plus, margarine contains a bunch of synthetic vitamins – shown to actually REDUCE the “good” vitamins in your body.
Not to mention all the other nasty ingredients margarine and fake butter spread alternatives contain that you should NEVER eat.
The only thing you should EVER spread on your toasts is a specific kind of REAL butter. When you use the butter I reveal inside the system below, you’ll maximize your fat burning by getting WAY more fat-burning CLA in your diet – plus a TON of other naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that will boost your metabolism.


This is one the most common mistakes I see people make.
Low-fat yogurt seems like a good choice because it’s relentlessly marketed as “healthy” but it’s just another nutrition myth that can make you store more belly fat.
Almost all low-fat yogurts contain artificial sweeteners like sucralose (Splenda) or aspartame (Equal) that have been proven to destroy beneficial bacteria in your gut. This is just one of the many reasons artificial sweeteners promote the accumulation of belly fat along with extra cravings and host of other damaging side effects.
One study even demonstrated that eating just 1.5 tsp. of sucralose a day was enough to promote fat GAIN faster than pure sugar. (Reference: Food Chem Toxicol. 2000;38 Suppl 2:S53-69.)
Not to mention the fact that cheap dairy products contain traces of antibiotics and the dangerous hormone rBGH that can disrupt your fat loss hormones.
However, as you’re about ready to discover below, there is a better alternative to these diet yogurts and it tastes delicious. There’s also along a simple and all-natural way to sweeten it, so it tastes JUST like the unhealthy, over-the-counter low-fat yogurts you crave.

Second Case Study: Mark

Mark is one of those “weekend warriors” that wants to get back in shape. As an ex-athlete, he can easily follow a strict diet for long periods of time. That’s why he decided to start using the trendy Paleo diet to shrink the big belly hanging over his belt.
Mark came to me to make sure he was making the right choices.
After I reviewed his so-called healthy food choices and uncovered all his mistakes, he was blown away.


• Cage-free omega-3 eggs with organic spinach
• Brown rice protein with some “Stevia in the raw”
• Mixed greens, chicken breast and homemade olive oil dressing
• Grass-fed beef steak seasoned with soy sauce and a medium sweet potato
Late night snack:
• Berries with honey
Mark really thought his new Paleo diet contained all the right foods, but once I showed him exactly what food choices were actually fattening and potentially dangerous, he instantly realized that he was limiting his fat burning potential.
Also, he was wasting a lot of money buying expensive health foods that didn’t contain any of the real nutrition it was supposed to. This is a chronic food mistake that I’ve seen hundreds of dieters make.
But after I taught him the truth about fat burning foods, Mark just did a few food swaps and dramatically increased his fat-burning results.


Mark was doing the right thing by trying to buy healthier eggs. But he got scammed by the marketing hype, just like thousands of others.
Omega-3“Cage-free” has no legal definition in the United States.This is a clear indication that these eggs are produced by hens who are crammed inside small barns by the thousands and force fed hormones and incomplete nutrition.
The second problem with these eggs is the added omega-3s.
You see, the Center for Science in the Public Interest's independent lab tests revealed that they contain less than HALF of the omega-3 friendly fats than are claimed on the packaging.
If you want to learn exactly how to buy eggs that are ten times more nutrient dense than these cheap cage-free eggs, just read page 17 of The Truth About Protein, Fat & Carbs below.


This brand of stevia is a HUGE scam.
Stevia In The Raw contains 95% dextrose – also known as PURE sugar.
It’s another “hidden” label loophole that makes you fat. The FDA allows ANY food that contains less than 4 calories per serving to be labelled as “calorie-free”.
This product shows portion sizes of 0.5g or 1/8 of a teaspoon, but it continues to claim it contains ZERO calories. Another food scam.
Instead of buying this unhealthy brand, check out the specific stevia brands I recommend in the “Sweeteners” chapter of The Truth About Protein, Fat & Carbs.


In 2010, Consumer Reports, one of the most credible and influential non-profit organizations fighting for your consumer rights in the US, revealed that 20% of all olive oils are fake and have been mixed with OTHER cheap fat storing oils.
This ludicrous food scam was confirmed again in 2012, when the UC Davis Olive Center found out that only 27% of all olive oils passed the quality control test to be labeled “extra virgin” – the best and most nutritious kind available.
So again, without even being aware of it, YOUR olive oil could easily contain up to 100% vegetable oil, which is filled with fattening trans fats.
To make sure your olive oil is the REAL deal, try my simple “Fridge Test”, which I reveal exactly how to do on page 40 of The Truth About Protein, Fat & Carbs.


grass-fed beefForget everything you heard about red meat making you fat or giving you high cholesterol. Again, it’s just another nutrition myth.
Grass-fed beef contains 2 to 4 times MORE heart-friendly, fat burning omega-3 fats. It also contains significantly more vitamins and minerals than cheap supermarket meats. It’s also PACKED with the all natural fat burner CLA.
However, this can be misleading because some grass-fed beef are “grain finished”, which means they are fattened with grains right before being slaughtered.
This process may help the farmer or big food company make money faster – but it completely changes the fat profile in YOUR grass-fed beef. The omega-3s transform into inflammatory omega-6s and it completely destroys the all-natural CLA content.
Want to pay the premium price for something that doesn’t contain what it’s supposed to? Didn’t think so. Instead, use the secrets I reveal inside the system below to get the facts.


Yes, believe it or not, even your innocent little soy sauce contains all the wrong fat storing ingredients.
Almost all the popular brand soy sauce brands are basically nothing but water, high fructose corn syrup and cheap fat-storing soy protein.
In The Truth About Condiments, Snacks & Seasonings you’ll see below, you’ll discover the 3 “essential” criteria to follow when choosing your soy-based condiments.
You’ll also learn dozens of other condiments you should keep in your pantry at all times in order to KEEP your body in a fat burning environment.


There’s no such thing as fat burning “sugar”, but certain natural sugars like honey are less fattening and WAY healthier for you than processed sugar.
But watch out. A recent study by Food Safety News found out that 75% of the honey sold in the US may be FAKE. In fact, many of the healthy honey products that you may be consuming could contain the banned antibiotic chloramphenicol AND dangerous heavy metals.
Always make sure your honey is REAL by following the guidelines on page 86 of The Truth About Protein, Fat & Carbs.
As you can see from the case studies above – chances are you’re just like Judy and Mark. You’re consuming a lot of these fattening, fake foods and making all these food mistakes WITHOUT even being aware of it.
And this is really just the tip of the Iceberg. There are literally hundreds of other “hidden” fat-storing ingredients that can end up in your kitchen.
But today, you have a rare opportunity to learn the REAL truth and finally take control of your food choices once and for all…

Who Can You Really Trust?

FDABad Choice #1: The Government

Government officials may have the best intentions in mind – but the ties between regulatory agencies like the FDA and food giants like Monsanto, General Mills and Kellogg is just too strong.
Also, food safety agencies like the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) fall short, time and time again, to protect people against dangerous food. For example, the one time when it failed to recall meat that contained harmful residues, even when it was fully aware that the meat had failed its laboratory tests.

Your doctorBad Choice #2: Your Doc

This will offend a LOT of people, but a lot of doctors simply have no clue of what you should eat.
In fact, one study showed that more than 50% of doctors have LESS nutritional knowledge than their patients. (Reference: Am J Clin Nutr September 1993 vol. 58 no. 3 319-325)
This is just one of MANY examples why you should never rely on the medical industry to give you food advice.

Bad Choice #3: The Food Industry

The food industry first priority is money, NOT your health or the size of your waistline.
That’s why most manufacturers don’t mind “hiding” fat-storing ingredients on the label or reducing the quality of your food to make extra money.
Just look at these SHOCKING facts:
*In 2012, food giants have spent more than $45 million in an effort prevent the labeling of genetically modified (GMO) foods. These are essentially “fake” foods that our bodies can’t process and use properly.
*In 2006, Kraft was still selling a guacamole that contained less than 2% avocado. Imagine what they’re doing that we DON’T know about.
*The food giant Kellogg sells organic Kashi cereals that still contain 100% GMO soy, pesticides that are known carcinogens and hormone disruptors. So much for going “organic”!
*Some meat manufacturers use meat glue to recombine steak pieces together and sell them as expensive high-quality cuts. All while making the meat 100 times more prone to bacterial contamination AND dramatically lowering the quality of your food.
And this is just a fraction of the scandals that appear in the news every single day.

Bad Choice #4: Nutritionists

There are good nutritionists out there, but MOST are misinformed.
Like doctors, they often rely on old, outdated information, and follow the Government’s guidelines. Judging by how fat people are these days it’s clearly not working.
Finding a nutritionist that’s open-minded and up-to-date with the most recent research is next to impossible. Even if you do find a leading expert, who is up to date on his research, it will typically cost you thousands of dollars.

Bad Choice #5: Health Bloggers

bloggersMost health bloggers and so-called experts want to do good, but end up confusing you with their extreme opinions, sensationalists headlines and conspiracy theories.
The majority of them recommends extreme methods or they want you to eat nothing but twigs and berries.
Ironically, many of them are overweight, or even obese. That’s like taking advice from a dentist who has rotten teeth.
As you can see, 99% of all experts don’t know the real truth about fat burning foods. So can you really count on them to help you make the right choices and burn more fat?
The real question you must ask yourself is…

Can You Really Afford NOT To Learn
The Real Truth About The Foods You Buy And Eat?

It took me thousands of hours and 7+ years to investigate, research and uncover the REAL truth about fat burning foods.
The amount of time and energy I’ve spent mastering the right fat-burning food choices is worth several hundred thousand dollars in real life income.
That’s why you’d have to spend every hour of every day for the next 7 years studying books, researching papers, looking over articles, watching documentaries, and reading dozens of books in order to access this information.
Or, you could take a gamble and try hiring a nutritionist who will gladly charge you hundreds of dollars weekly just to tell you the same B.S. you hear everywhere in the media.
So let’s get serious for a moment.
How much are you already spending on food every day? Every month? Every year?
Now think about this:
moneyHow much money are you WASTING on foods that don’t support your fat loss and health, but make you fatter every year – just because you’re not aware of the dirty little tricks manufacturers get away with behind your back?
I guarantee that if you add it up it’s a boatload of money.
How much would you be willing to INVEST to make sure you’re getting the most out of every single bite of food you take from the foods in your fridge?
A few hundred dollars? Maybe even a few thousand?
Now imagine NEVER wasting a single dollar again on fake, useless health foods.
In reality, the cost shouldn’t even be an issue, because you simply can’t put a price on having the power to burn fat at will, get rid of your extra pounds and feel totally awesome during the process.
But don’t worry. You won’t have to pay anything NEAR that price to learn these cutting edge fat loss secrets.
In fact, since it’s my personal mission to reach over 1,000,000 people by 2020, I want this information to be available to anyone. So regardless of your social status OR your financial situation, everybody can still learn the truth about fat burning foods. Even in this bad economy.
That’s why you can get instant access to the entire The Truth About Fat Burning Foods system below for a fraction of your weekly grocery bill – a one-time payment of only $27.

The entire 24 hour diet makeover is laid out for you step-by-step inside this easy to implement system:

The Truth About Fat Burning Foods
Here’s just a taste of what’s inside The TRUTH About Fat Burning Foods that will transform your kitchen and reprogram your metabolism to use fat as a fuel source FIRST, in as little as 24 hours...
Get ready to discover…
*The 3 biggest nutrition mistakes 99.9% of people make and falsely believe in that STOPS your body from burning belly fat every day. (now you can avoid this starting today)
*How you can salt your food ALL YOU WANT, using a specific “healthy” salt that, believe it or not, actually regulates your blood pressure instead of slowly killing you. And shocking facts about why cutting down on your sodium intake may actually be destroying your health.
*How to instantly tell if your cooking oil is real and healthy. Plus, the ONLY oil to use when you’re cooking with high temperatures. (revealed on page 45)
*Mom was wrong: Milk is NOT a good source of calcium. In fact, the majority of over-the-counter milks will actually “leech” calcium form our bodies! (you’ll learn exactly why on page 15)
*How the RIGHT kind of red meat can actually help you burn more fat. It’s not hard to find, but you have to know what you’re looking for or you could get “tricked”. (details on page 8)
*How it’s now possible to eat noodles every day, if you want, even on a low-carb diet. (the delicious fat-burning guidelines are found on page 63)
*The “hidden” artificial sweeteners and specific ingredients that make you gain more fat, even when they contain ZERO calories…
*The one and only all-natural, calorie-free sweetener you can use every day without gaining an ounce of fat. It’s 300 times sweeter than sugar, but buyers BEWARE: Most brands that sell this kind of sweetener are hiding fat-storing sugar or insulin spiking corn derivatives.
*Nitty gritty details about all the big fat LIES the Food Industry has fed all of us about so-called “healthy oils” like canola oil, along with detailed steps on how to “outsmart” the label deception.
*Discover EXACTLY what “healthy” foods and supplements contain dangerous heavy metals, so you can avoid the nasty fat-storing side effects.
*Why 20% of all the olive oils sold in the US are FAKE and exactly how you can use the “fridge test” on page 40 to be SURE you’re not wasting your money on unhealthy fake oil!
*The one kind of healthy fish you should NEVER eat, because it will flood your bloodstream and your body with chemicals, which can cause inflammation, block fat-loss, and increase your risk of infertility…
*Why almost ALL soy products are horrible for you and need to be avoided, plus the one exception to this rule that's easy to find. Most vegans and vegetarians are completely UNAWARE of these shocking facts.
*The REAL truth about whether or not whole wheat is healthy. Or is it really one of the BIGGEST food scams in the history of the world? These answers and findings will blow you away.
*How and why most “Gluten Free” foods can make you store MORE fat, along with the proven 3-step gluten test will help you to determine if you should ignore the gluten fad or use it religiously.
*Why foods and labels that say Organic and “All-Natural” may be the ONE thing preventing you from finally saying "good bye" to your belly fat if you’re not careful.
*The WORST kind of chips you can eat, and a simple recipe to prepare delicious, mouth watering chips you can binge on without guilt.
*And much, much more...

This 24 Hour Diet and Kitchen Makeover
is Definitely NOT For Everyone

I want to be brutally honest here and give you a friendly warning so you don’t waste your time and money. Fair enough?
In all honesty, The Truth About Fat Burning Foods is NOT some old, rusty nutrition program that contains the same old rehashed information that doesn’t work.
Although the Truth About Fat Burning Foods works in LESS than 24 hours, it’s not another “quick fix” or short cut. If you’re too LAZY to make better food choices or you’re looking for an easy way out, this program is simply NOT for you.
If you’re willing to plan ahead a little before you go to the grocery store and get off your butt, this program will automatically PROGRAM your metabolism to melt off more stubborn body fat - all WITHOUT the nagging headache of following some strict, complicated diet or breaking the bank when you shop.
However, this program is NOT for lazy and unmotivated people. If that’s you then please move on.
But if you’re willing to keep an open mind about the foods you eat, then the Truth About Fat Burning Foods is the breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for. Real results. Real fast.
So whether you have only 10 to 20 pounds to lose.....or you have 30, 40, even 50+ pounds to lose, this program WILL work - if you apply yourself and USE it.
But if you’re just going to buy this system and let it sit there with everything else on your computer, then please don’t bother wasting your time.
You have to be willing to take some action. Otherwise you’ll just continue to be misled and fooled by big food companies, accumulate even MORE belly fat and not like what you see when you look in the mirror everyday...unless you do something about it right now.

Just because it’s SIMPLE doesn’t
necessarily mean it’s easy

There’s no doubt Truth About Fat Burning Foods is a SIMPLE system that can and will give you the body you want. But just because I say the word “simple” - doesn’t mean it’s going to EASY.
So although this brand new system can produce mind blowing results like you’ve probably never experience before - you still have to bring your game to the table.
So even though the 24 hour Truth About Fat Burning Foods diet makeover is brilliant in its simplicity, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be EASY. At first glance, you’ll instantly see how it’s super simple to follow. EVERYTHING is laid out for you in a step-by-step easy to follow blueprint that ANYONE can adhere and follow…
But DON’T BE FOOLED by how simple it looks. Just follow the step-by-step system as it’s laid out and it’s guaranteed to work for you EVERY time.

Why is it ONLY $27?

The first thing I wanted to do was to make sure ANYONE who wants to banish unhealthy food and “hidden”, fat storing food additives from their life could afford this system.
That’s why I’ve decided to keep the price point so low to start with. But once my customer support team has reached its limit, please understand that I may have to make some price adjustments. Plus, I’m proud of the fact thatmy team promptly answers ALL customer service questions and we don’t want that to change.
And since there’s no million dollar hardcover book contract officially attached to this system, I can provide you withinstant access to everything you need in one easy-to-use spot at one super low price.

Remember, I didn’t just conger this plan out of thin air. I spent the last 7+ years refining, tweaking, and perfecting this plan into one easy-to-use system. In fact, I personally charge $249 just to sit down with a private client and go over the information inside this system, so $27 is really peanuts when you consider its REAL value.
So for the time being, I’m going to keep the discounted price available...and I’ll also make sure to eliminate ANY risk or skepticism you may have.
Here’s what I’m talking about...

Try it FIRST and Then Decide

If for ANY reason The Truth About Fat Burning Foods doesn’t live up to the three promises above, just drop us an email within 60 days of your purchase and we’ll give you a FULL, no-questions asked refund.
This means you can actually use AND apply this knowledge to start transforming your body with ZERO risk. If you’re not blown away AFTER you take action and get results, you can have all your money back.

New Release Special Price:
Limited Copies Available

To celebrate the new release of The Truth About Fat Burn Foods System, I’m going to release the first few thousand copies at an INSANELY low price. But as much as I enjoy helping my valued customers I know it won’t be long before my team is overwhelmed...and at that point I will have no choice but to RAISE THE PRICE.
So make sure you order now and lock in the launch price special before it’s too late:

Here’s The Entire Package PLUS The
Free Bonuses You’ll Receive Today

The Truth About Protein, Fat and CarbsThe Truth About Protein, Fat & Carbs

Since we all eat protein, fats, and carbs EVERY single day, this guide reveals the most important nutrition information you’ll ever need in your quest for a lean body.
You’ll finally learn EXACTLY what “fattening” ingredients and chemicals to avoid when you shop for your proteins, carbs, and fats – plus the RIGHT choices to cook and eat in order to make stubborn belly fat your body’s “go to” energy source on a daily ongoing basis.
This guide is NOTHING like the boring, mainstream nutrition guides you may have read or tried to use in the past.
You’ll be able to skim through the simple recommendations and immediately start “swapping” out fat STORING foods for brand new, delicious fat BURNING foods starting TODAY.

The Truth About Condiments, Snacks and SeasoningsThe Truth About Condiments, Snacks & Seasonings

Most people associate fat burning foods with things like bland and boring broccoli and chicken. Then they turn around and season their foods with chemicals, preservatives, and “unknown” fat-storing ingredients just try and make it “taste” good.
It simply does NOT have to be this way. All you have to do is use the RIGHT condiments and seasonings (and avoid the fattening ones) and you can actually INCREASE your metabolism and fat burning potential.
Trust me; you’ll actually become ADDICTED to healthy foods after you discover how easy and simple this kind of eating can be.
Even better, you’ll finally uncover what “snacks” can actually help you KILL your hunger and cravings, which will make you burn fat faster – even if you consume them before bed.

The Truth About DrinksThe Truth About Drinks

Believe it or not, if you drink calorie-free alternatives like Vitamin Water, diet sodas or ANY type of diet juices you’re basically STOPPING your fat loss.
Inside this guide, you’ll learn exactly what you should drink to support your weight loss, but most importantly “how” to substitute your favorite unhealthy drinks for equally delicious tasting fat-burning alternatives.

Here's The Free Bonus Package You'll Receive Today -
A Real $197 Value:

The Truth About Superfoods

The Truth About Superfoods

Açai berry, pomegranate... can these superfoods REALLY help you burn fat faster? Or will they only make your wallet slimmer and your waistline bigger over the long haul?
In this eye-opening guide, I’ll give you the real truth about all the “scammy” superfoods you should avoid, along with the rarely used superfoods that are worth your money and give you REAL fat-burning benefits after you drink them.
The Truth About Your Shopping Cart

The Truth About Your Grocery Cart

There’s no doubt shopping for REAL fat burning foods can be a complete nightmare. After all, most grocery stores market and advertise fake “Franken-Foods” as being healthy.
It’s very easy to buy the wrong foods when you’re at the grocery store searching for the REAL nutrition, so understanding EXACTLY what to buy is always a challenge.
In this guide, you’ll learn precisely WHAT foods you need to put in your grocery cart every week when you’re shopping so you’llalways be eating the best fat burning foods.
The Truth About Supplements

The Truth About Supplements

Dangerous heavy metals, chemicals, and hidden fillers inside your protein powder... fat burning stimulants that damage your heart and can potentially cause heart attacks...
There are literally thousands of reasons why you shouldn’t invest in just ANY random supplement. That’s because none of them are regulated. Sad but true.
Well, believe it or not, some supplements really DO work.
In fact, there is an elite group of manufacturers that I’ll introduce you to thattruly care about your fat loss results. They’ve developed proven, third party tested products that can help give you the “extra edge”.
But they’ll only help you if you’re really serious about burning fat in the fastest way humanly possible AND you eat the right fat-burning foods along with them.
When you download this guide, you’ll learn what products and companies are worthy of using. Just a few basic recommendations can make a world of difference in your plan.
But you have to know right from wrong. And that’s where I’ll help you sort through the confusion. No hype. Just straight up facts on the best supplements to use for long term fat loss and health.
4-Step Diet Makeover

4-Step Diet Makeover

“Fixing” your fat loss nutrition isn’t just about having the right knowledge.
Just think about it. You probably knowabout which better food choices you should make. But many times you simply don’t because life gets in the way.
Not anymore.
If your food cravings are sabotaging your diet...or you think you’re the worst cook on earth because you’re always eating bland, microwavable foods, or you stress out making healthy food choices when you travel...OR you’re lost when you have dinner with friends….
The 4 Step Diet Makeover will end your frustration and teach you exactly how tocreate a consistent, fat-burning environment in your life 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week.
As much as I’d like to, I really can’t take credit for this proven system. But I’ve been fortunate enough to compile every single diet trick, tip and technique from hundreds of the BEST fat loss experts, fitness coaches and motivational speakers on the planet.
And I’ve distilled it all down into one powerful guide that will KEEP you on track during your fat loss journey.
The Truth About Fat Burning Foods

$97 $27

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Time To Take Action, Or Go Home…

If you read this far, I need to warn you that you’re at a crossroads in your life.
Red Pill or Blue Pill?You can take the blue pill, and go back to your everyday life, stop worrying about what’s in your food, and hope you’ll make the right choices.
(Sorry about the Matrix reference… I’m a nerd after all!)
You already know that results start in the kitchen, and that you just can’t out-train a bad diet. You already know that nutrition is responsible for 80% (or more!) of your fat loss results.
Now is the time to get informed and start doing what you already know you should be doing.

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I can’t wait to hear your success story just like I have from so many others. Just think about it… you could unlock 80% of your hidden fat loss potential in the next 24 hours.
Nick PineaultTruthfully,
Nick Pineault
Nick Pineault
Author and Detective,
The Truth About Fat Burning Foods
P.S. Don’t forget, with our outrageous “mind blown”, 100% Money-Back Guarantee, we’re giving you a full 60 days to maximize your fat burning potential and discover what so many others have – how powerful and effective the right fat burning foods can really be. Grab it right now, RISK-FREE.

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Got Questions? We have answers!

Q. Who the heck is Nick Pineault and why should I trust him?
I’m an "everyday" person just like you.... Except I’m obsessed when it comes to thoroughly researching and discovering the REAL truth about "healthy" food and what dirty tricks manufacturers try to play on you - the consumer.
In the end, you’ll have to make up your own mind. I’m sure the 500+ sources and credible references in The Truth About Fat Burning Foods will convince you that I "walk the talk". This product has been my life's work for 7+ years and is designed to finally sum up how we should eat for rapid fat loss, optimal lean muscle gains and incredible health.
Q. What is The Truth About Fat Burning Foods and how does it work so fast?
The Truth About Fat Burning Foods is a series of manuals designed to help you identify the unhealthy, fattening foods in your kitchen and transform your diet to burn MORE fat in less than 24 hours.
This system works so fast because the information is organized in such a way that you’ll learn very rapidly. Trust me: this is the first time you’ll actually ENJOY learning about nutrition.
Q. Does The Fat Burning Foods contain old, rehashed information I can find everywhere else on the Internet?
No way! :) This system is the result of my 7+ years of research and investigation on fat-burning foods and health. It’s a condensed version of what the most trustworthy health and nutrition experts around the world recommend.
In all honesty, if you spent 7 years reading blogs, books and studies about nutrition, MAYBE you could discover all the exact same fat-burning tips...but is it safe to assume you don't have time for that?? Luckily, I’ve done it all for you and the 500+ sources this product contains is the living proof.
Q: Will I have to deprive myself of my favorite foods forever once I learn the truth about fat burning foods?
Absolutely NOT.The #1 mistake dieters make is being TOO restrictive on their diet. The reality is that using your favorite cheat foods one or two days of EVERY week will help your body burn more fat and prevent your metabolism from crashing down.
This system will show you what foods you should focus on the other 90% of the time to maximize your fat loss, lean muscle mass and health.
Q: Is The Truth About Fat Burning Foods a diet plan?
Not at all. Actually this program is specifically designed to get you OFF diets once and for all.
Most diets and weight loss plans set you up for failure by running you straight into a fat-burning plateau. The Truth About Fat Burning Foods' number one strength is that it’s a lifestyle you can adhere to for the LONG haul with never-ending results.
It’s the only system in existence that will finally show you exactly what fat burning foods you need to focus on, and what little-known fattening foods (hidden everywhere) you should get rid of.

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Q: I have a lot of weight to lose, a lot of muscle to gain or I just want to eat healthy. Is this program for me?
Yes, yes, and triple yes.
Whatever your fitness goal may be, eating the right foods and avoiding the hidden, fattening ingredients in your kitchen will help you achieve it MUCH FASTER, and without any guesswork.
You’ll spend LESS time wondering if you’re doing the right thing, and MORE time burning fat, building muscle and feeling incredible health and energy.
Q: I want to get started now; do I have to wait for you to deliver me all this information physically before I get started?
Nope. This entire system will be instantly available for you to download right after your purchase. No shipping fees, no delays, no waiting to get started.
Q: I’m not a spring chicken anymore; will this program work if I’m in my 40’s, 50’s or 60’s?
Of course it will. In fact, people over 40 will probably get even better results because chances are they’ve been eating a lot of hidden fattening ingredients for a LOT of years.
Eating the right foods is the number one “medicine” to fight against disease and stay young forever. It’s about time you learn the truth about how you should eat!

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Q: What if I’m a newbie and beginner; is this program still suited for me?
Although the Truth About Fat Burning Foods is designed to help dieters, performance-seekers and health nuts supercharge their results, it actually works just as well – if not better – on beginners because they’re often very confused about what to eat and how to do it right. If you’re a beginner, this is the last nutrition system you’ll want to consume. Period.
Q: What if I’m a woman who has hormonal imbalances; will this program work for me?
Absolutely. In fact, chances are that a lot of foods you’re eating on a constant basis disrupt your hormones and slow down your fat loss. The Truth About Fat Burning Foods does not discriminate. It will work regardless of age, gender, or current condition. It has you covered.
Q: What happens if this program doesn’t work for me?
Simple. Then it’s ALL FREE.
Listen, if you read The Truth About Fat Burning Foods and you’re not floored by the incredible, fat-burning tricks it delivers, just contact me and we’ll refund every penny. Fair enough?
Not only do I live this lifestyle and personally walk the talk, I stand behind my product as the most fun, flexible, and powerful way to burn fat – fast, while still enjoying your life on a daily basis. And if you don’t agree with me after you check it out, you get your money back. No funny stuff, no hassles, no hidden clauses. Just a prompt courteous refund.
So now you have ZERO risk and I carry the burden by standing behind my promise. I’ve provided the road map. Now it’s up to you to take action.

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NOTE: The Truth About Fat Burning Foods is a downloadable product. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. If you have any questions regarding this product please contact support at support [at]
Please read our awesome disclaimer: Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a "typical" result is. The truth: most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. The biggest factor is your ability to follow through. There is no such thing as a Magic Bullet. I bet this disclaimer would make a great reality TV show.B