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10 Best Tips For Gaining Mass

10 Best Tips For Gaining Mass
Are you a hard gainer? Or are you someone who is having the desires to be big, huge or just want to stand out in a crowd? No matter what your reasons are for gaining size stop reading articles and workouts out of a magazine! Stop spending money on all different types of supplements (without knowledge of which ones actually work) that may or may not work for you! Follow these 10 steps for gaining mass and continue on the path of natural growth:

1. Remember the old adage of “you are what you eat.” Well remember this the next time you drive by a fast food establishment, gas station market or the likes. If you consume garbage that is processed then your body will resemble processed garbage.

2. Know your metabolism. If you have a slow metabolism, then eat for a slow metabolism.

3. Reps for weight lifting should remain in the 4-8 category with heavy weights.

4. Keep your tempo for weight lifting as 3-1-3 to 4-1-4.

5. Keep weight lifting tension to 60 seconds or less. This will allow you to produce more testosterone.

6. LESS equals MORE! Keep your workouts to more than 45 minutes when lifting heavy weights.

7. Cardio is a must. Cardio will allow you to shed the unwanted Body Fat and allow you to appear bigger.

8. Lift according to your fitness goals. If you tend to be more “toned” than “huge” lift with higher reps with lower reps. If you intend to be “large” then lift heavier weights with less reps.

9. Supplements and other muscle building products can help you achieve mass.

10. Mass is easy to gain when you lift correctly, don't waste years trying to reach your goals. Set up a workout plan and invest in supplements that work. 

The truth about gaining muscle and losing weight

First of all, there are a lot of articles all over the internet and various magazines telling you that you can gain muscle and lose weight at the same time if you just buy this supplement, do this routine, or what have you. These are lies, and I'm going to tell you why, and tell you the right way to accomplish these goals.

Ignore bodybuilders and models

For someone trying to live a normal lifestyle, there is no point following bodybuilders, watching what they do, and trying to copy their diet or exercise techniques. What they do is completely different from what an ordinary person trying to get fit needs to do. A professional bodybuilder does nothing but lift, eat, and prepare for competitions. This is not a normal person's lifestyle, and will not work if you are trying to get fit while having a job, a family to take care of, or a normal life.

Also, what you see on TV or in magazines or on the Internet is almost certainly an illusion. Without putting down the hard work these people do put into their bodies, usually the models have been airbrushed and photoshopped almost beyond recognition. In real life they aren't actually that big, or that cut, or that thin. Stop comparing yourself to the legs on that model, or the abs on that actor, because it's probably spraypainted, and if it is real, it's because that person spend six months dedicated to achieving that body.

Gaining muscle vs. losing weight

The difference between "bulking", and "leaning out", or gaining muscle and losing weight, is that when you're bulking, you need a calorie surplus, and when you're leaning out you need a calorie deficit. How can you do this at the same time? It's impossible. If your goals are to gain muscle and lose fat, you need to use a way of alternating between bulking up and leaning out that works for you. Some people alternate every three months, some alternate weekly, different people have different results.

For the best results, most people find three months of bulking followed by three months of losing weight to be effective. One reason for this is that when you have more muscle mass you burn more calories, so after a good period of muscle building, the cutting stage will be more effective and you will get more lean.

Now it is possible to build muscle without gaining weight, and to do that you need to be in the gym 4-5 days per week, for 45 minutes to an hour, putting some good stress on your muscles for bulking.

If you're trying to lean out or cut, it's all about burning. Your workouts need to be focused on burning as many calories as possible. Five or six days a week you need to do some kind of cardio, whether that be team sports, sprinting, running, biking, or elliptical machines. 


Nutrition is extremely important to reaching your fitness goals. 80% of your results will come from nutrition and diet, the other 20% will come from your physical activity.

One area people trying to lose weight often trip up is calories in beverages. Our bodies aren't used to processing liquid calories, so we don't feel full after consuming them, but they will hurt you just as much if you're trying to lose weight. Stick to water, green tea, and cut out soda, juice, and other high-calorie beverages.

For building muscle, you need to consume more calories than you burn. It's important not to consume empty calories from sugars and sauces, and protein is necessary for building muscle, but without a calorie surplus you will not grow.

Two different goals

The truth is, you cannot gain muscle and lose weight at the same time, with a single diet and exercise program. It is possible to bulk up without gaining fat, and it's possible to lean down without losing muscle mass. To do both, you need a disciplined approach of alternating between a muscle building program and a fat cutting program. 

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bodybuilding nutrition

From: Skip La Cour
RE: The Simplified Way To Build Muscle & Burn Fat Simultaneously
(Even If You've Tried Everything Before)
Dear friend,
You need someone who is straight-forward-and-honest, and easy-to-understand style of writing, you can download almost everything he knows about bodybuilding nutrition—and start absorbing it tonight!
There is POWERFUL nutritional information you must learn in order to reach your goals!
For many of us, learning how to eat to support our muscle building efforts is our FINAL challenge!
We feel we are driven, hard working, and know how to tear it up in the gym. But when it comes to the right foods to eat, how much, and exactly what it takes to pack-on muscle mass, lose body fat, and preferably DO THEM BOTH at the same time—that’s where we struggle!
“If eating right could only be as easy as training like-an-animal in the gym is for me,” you’ve probably thought to yourself, “I’d be unstoppable!” I know because I’ve had that same thought for many years.
I believe many of us make the process of building muscle far more complicated than it needs to be. This is especially true when it comes to nutrition. I’ve come to this conclusion after answering literally thousands of questions about bodybuilding nutrition from people just like you for more than a decade. Through seminars, appearances, letters, phone consultations, and contact through the Internet, the same questions about building muscle we’re asked and the same challenges were encountered over and over again.
As I strive to strengthen my skills as an effective bodybuilding coach, one of my goals is to simplify the process. The bottom line is that we are all after the same things; to build muscle, lose body fat, or a combination of building muscle and losing body fat. We also want to do so in the most efficient ways and in the shortest period of time.
When you embrace the nutritional strategies I’ve outlined in this publication, how you need to build muscle and lose body fat will be more simple. Notice the word I used was simple—not easy! Nothing is easy (Nothing worth having, anyway).
Eating to create a lean and muscular physique is no exception. But, when eating is presented in a more simple format, you’ll develop the courage and confidence to meet the challenge—instead of shying away or procrastinating because you are overwhelmed.
NOW you can Learn from my experience TODAY!
Simple & To-the Point Eating Strategies To Help You Reach Your Goals
If you embrace the nutritional strategies Skip La Cour has outlined in this publication, how you need to build muscle and lose body fat will be more simple. When eating is presented in a more simple format, you’ll develop the courage and confidence to meet the challenge—instead of shying away or procrastinating because you are overwhelmed with the confusing information you’ve read about nutrition.
  • The Importance Of Good Nutrition
  • Good Eating Habits Are Built Upon A Foundation Of Motivation
  • The Three Most Important Keys To Understanding Effective Bodybuilding Nutrition
  • Simplicity And Efficiency Is What’s Important In A Nutritional Program
  • The Macronutrients And What They Do For Us — Protein, Carbohydrates And Fat Explained
  • The “Right” Ratio Of Macronutrients
  • Determining How Many Calories You Should Eat
  • Skip La Cour’s Simple Way To Determine Your Maintenance Level
  • Body Composition
  • Determining How Many Meals To Eat Each Day
  • Skip La Cour’s Basic Meal Plan
  • Eating To Build Muscle Mass
  • How To Calculate The Percentages Of Macronutrients In Your Food – A Quick Nutrition Mathematics Review
  • The Importance Of Protein
  • How Much Protein You Should Eat To Build Muscle
  • Skip La Cour Explains His “Protein Consumption Window Of Opportunity” Theory
  • The Danger Of Eating Too Much Protein
  • The “Bulking Up” Strategy For Packing On Muscle Mass Eating To Lose Body Fat
  • There’s No Substitute For Hard Work When It Comes To Losing Body Fat
  • Why Starchy Carbohydrates May Not Be As Good For You As You Think
  • Building Muscle And Losing Body Fat At The Same Time
  • Dealing With The Challenge Of A Slow Metabolism
  • Dealing With The Challenge Of A Fast Metabolism
  • Why You Should Keep Your Diet Simple
  • The Benefits Of Adding “Good” Fat To Your Diet And The Painful Lesson I Learned!
  • Skip La Cour’s First 5 To 6 Months Of Dieting The Year He Won The Team Universe
  • Skip La Cour’s Last 10 To 12 Weeks Of Dieting The Year He Won The Team Universe
  • Skip La Cour’s New And Improved “Good Fat” Diet
  • The Importance Of Drinking Plenty Of Water
  • The Benefits Of Adding Salt To Your Meals
  • Getting Shredded And Maintaining Muscle Is A Matter Of Heart
  • How Do You Know That You’re Losing Muscle?
  • Incorporating “Cheat Days” Into Your Disciplined Diet Without Feeling Guilty
  • The Bodybuilding Triad: A Visual Demonstration Of The importance Of Nutrition
  • Skip La Cour’s Top Ten Nutrition Tips
  • Samples Of Skip La Cour’s Nutritional Programs
  • Skip La Cour’s Ten Tips For Eating Well Despite Your Busy Schedule
  • 10 Keys to Creating an Effective Nutritional Plan

  • You WILL get results... It's been proven that people who carefully write down the foods they eat are twice as likely to get the results they are focused on. 
  • You WILL be more focused... By taking notes writing reinforces our knowledge and awareness and signals our brains to respond. You'll know what you are eating!
  • You WILL stay on track... From the very first day, seeing what you are eating in black and white will keep you strong and committed to your goals.
  • You WILL be motivated to succeed... Each day you will feel good knowing you are closer to reaching your goals. 

For most people figuring out how to get ripped and shredded is a priority. Some just want to get big and build muscle but they make up a very small group of the population. Most men want to not only be big, but also be lean enough that all of their definition is visible. After all, for most of you, part of the reason for going to the gym is to help you look better. Learning how to get ripped and shredded will certainly accomplish that.
However, what does it take to get ripped? A proper diet? A certain exercise program? Or is there a supplement that holds the key to making the biggest difference? Unfortunately, it isn’t an overnight phenomenon and it will take a considerable amount of hard work, but if you approach this following my advice it’ll take far less time to get ripped than if you don't.
Those who don't eat to get ripped and shredded will end up spending more time in the gym, but they see less results. Be sure you keep the following in mind when you want to get ripped so you don’t become a part of that particular group of individuals. Listen to my one-hour audio seminar where I teach you "How to Get Ripped and Shredded".
I explain HOW you will train and eat at certain periods of time; HOW MUCH you will train and eat at certain periods of time; WHEN you will train and eat a certain way and at certain periods of time; and WHY you will train and eat a certain way at certain periods of time.

The success of my bodybuilding nutrition program is to make it as simple as possible so we avoid all confusion. The Done-For-You Meal Plans do just that with simple to follow plans for your goals.
Basic Diet Plan- My typical basic plan I follow to build muscle, have energy, and stay lean year round. This is the structure I follow and build my daily schedule around my meals. I have been following these plans for years now. This is how I eat and exactly what I do. Don't expect anything crazy here and is no reason to do whacky stuff with your food. If you want results it is going to take a consistent plan and structure to make that happen.
My Meal Plans include the following:
 Definition Diet Plan - High fiber and low fat the basis of the program.
 Build Muscle / Lose Fat Plan - Moderate carbohydrate plan.
 Quick Cut Up System Plan - Low calorie and extremely low carbohydrate plan.
 Maintenance Program - Moderate carbohydrate plan.
 Mass Builder - Higher calorie and high carbohydrate plan.
Then I include my Food Exchange List which allows you the options to eat foods that fit into the calorie range of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats.
The key to this program is keeping it as simple to follow as possible.
Real champions spend their time and energy comparing what they are doing now to what they could be doing to improve in the future. They only compare the way they look now to what they aspire to look like in the future.
I know the saying “You gotta be the best you can be” is extremely overused and is now almost a meaningless cliché in the bodybuilding world. My experience dealing with many people trying to improve their physiques has convinced me that the majority of them believe that they are already doing everything they possibly can to become their very best. Sure, they’ll admit there can always be room for a little improvement in their habits and level of discipline—but not much!
The best drug-free bodybuilders have found the delicate balance between being too hard on themselves and being too easy on themselves. If you are too hard on yourself, you’ll eventually become frustrated. If you are too easy on yourself, you’ll fall far short of your full genetic potential.
The best-of-the-best understand that, no matter what they’ve accomplished in the past, they can always improve at least a little bit more. Whether that improvement comes in the form of a couple of pounds of rock-solid muscle within the next year, one percentage point leaner in their body composition over the next couple of months, adding five pounds to their bench press during their next workout, or pumping out one more rep with their maximum weight on their very next set. Many people training in the gym today are under the illusion they have come close to topping out on their performance in the gym and full genetic potential. They often claim to be trapped in sticking points or plateaus. 
If you want to achieve what the top drug-free bodybuilders have done with their physiques, then you’ll need to emulate the way they think. You first must believe that it is indeed possible to create some amazing things with your physique without drugs. You must believe there is still a way to accomplish more with your physique even if you’ve had some significant gains in the past. I know there are people in your gym who always tell you that “you can never achieve this” or “you’ll never look like that” unless you use steroids or other illegal drugs. Don’t believe them. Separate yourself from those people with such limiting beliefs.
Power and influence among men - the foremost qualities of the true Alpha Male - are very similar to that of a pride of lions. Where do you currently rank in your "pride" and how badly do you want to improve your position? Whether you want to realize it or not, where you rank in society is determining your level of opportunity in life, happiness, financial and material wealth, and freedom - or lack thereof.
The good news is you can improve your social standing as a dominant male immediately by applying the powerful information I am sharing with you in this report. 
Over my career in bodybuilding I have been lucky to have been an endorsed athlete by a few major supplement companies that I was proud to endorse. I have tried a lot of sports supplements over the years and many the supplements on the market aren't worth the bottles they're sold in. Here I will tell you about the five percent that are worth the investment. A large part of my success is due to the supplements I have added into my nutritional plan. In this report we tell you about the supplements that can dramatically increase your rate of progress. But you have to know how to use these supplements at the right time and in the correct dosages. 
Supplements are essential for allowing you to get your correct protein intake and the vitamins you require while training hard. Supplements can be a great investment is used to your advantage and they can actually save you money on your grocery bills if you use the right stuff instead of being sold on some gimmick. I believe in the basics and the products that will give you the right nutrients to build muscle and lose fat without speeding your heart rate or having a false claim just solid proven products of good nutritional value. 
 Here is what some of my students have said about this presentation on nutrition. 
“Just when you’d think every idea has been conceived, you elevate the standard and redefine the word innovate! I just downloaded your bodybuilding nutrition pages and in about 10 seconds I received at least 2 years of information from your considerable knowledge base and experience. Like you Skip, I constantly strive to learn and apply fundamental technologies to improve my results as they relate to bodybuilding and life management.
You have inspired me ever since our first consultation last year. I am absolutely certain that this new venture of sharing your years of experience embodied in the downloads will inspire, inform and improve the lives of other individuals committed to succeeding at the highest levels!
Again, I thank you for your information, your passion for your work, but most of all your true friendship and integrity.”
Mel Ona
Watertown, M
“I would like to say how much I enjoy reading your website and think that it is by far the best bodybuilding / motivational website on the web. I have also just received ‘Bodybuilding Nutrition NOW’ and found it to be very useful. I had already been modeling your nutrition program and the extra tips (especially on salt and extra fat intake) are most helpful.”
Nicholas Benikos
Sydney, Australia
“I just ordered your download 60 pages on nutrition. I read it all and I’m starting to do the diet where you ate veggies and tablespoon of flax oil. I eat that way for three of my eight meals. The other meals are oatmeal, rice, and the other carbohydrates from meal replacements. In the first week, I can already notice a huge difference!”
Derrick Morley
Goose Creek, SC
“I thought I would e-mail and tell you THANKS! For both your Bodybuilding Nutrition. The diet information has incredibly accelerated my efforts beyond anything I’ve tried before. I’ve taken the diet and supplement itinerary in both, and role modeled it to my specific body.
Everything from the protein powder, meal replacements, other supplements and vitamins, to drinking 2 plus gallons water daily. Would you believe I’ve gained a little over a half inch on my chest, in just two weeks with no gain in body fat? I can’t believe it! I love the information you’ve given; it’s well worth the price! Also, I feel better and friends say my face looks healthier. But most importantly, in the past couple weeks, my recovery time between my high intensity workouts has skyrocketed!
I’d always been afraid to try high-protein diet like this. That it’d give me lots of gas and frequent trips to the bathroom, but I can honestly tell anyone, that’s real BS! I haven’t experienced ANY of that. Thanks, Skip, for providing outstanding value. To be honest, I haven’t found any other place, on the web or otherwise. Where I can get what I need, straightforward, simple, and non-confusing. Thanks!”
Ron Farlow
Greensboro, NC
With so many other champion bodybuilders, magazine writers, nutritionists, personal trainers, and exercise physiologists, not to mention the PHDs, CSCSs, MDs and other online marketing fitness experts thoroughly studying this subject, just what makes me think I can help YOU?
That’s a very good question.
Have I become the Number One authority on drug-free bodybuilding because I am so brilliant? No.
Is the reason why I’m considered the leader in drug-free training because I’m the best-built drug-free bodybuilder on the planet? No.
The simple reason why I’m believed to be the ultimate resource for drug-free bodybuilding information is because no one else has been trying to do what I’m doing–and definitely not as long as I have. No one else in the bodybuilding world has put as much effort into searching for answers, dissected the subject from as many different angles, has been doing so with the same amount of intensity, or has been doing so for as long as I have.
I’ve now been training hard for over 20 years. Now, I know everyone says they train hard and many other bodybuilding experts have been training for longer than the 20 years I have been training. What makes me different, however, is that I started training at the mature age of 27 years old. I already had a track record of success in my business career before I even picked up a dumbbell.
Sure, I was very athletic in high school and dabbled around in the weight room from time to time. I do notinclude that time messing around as part of my training experience. A lot of experts like to include the time they were undisciplined, inconsistent teenagers are part of their training experience to bolster their resumes. I choose not to do so for obvious reasons.
When I started bodybuilding, I was serious and committed from day number one. Just like many of you, I had always been searching for that one certain thing in my life I was destined to be great at doing. When I discovered bodybuilding, I immediately knew it was what I was put on this earth to do. I didn’t waste any more time dabbling. I’ve always approached the daunting task of developing my physique as a determined, mature adult.
My competitive bodybuilding and coaching career has been like a shot-out-of-a-cannon, all-out sprint. I entered my very first contest just 13 months after I started training and I tallied up over 30 contest appearances. I won 14 of them. Six of my victories were major, national titles.
The amount of pressure I’ve put on myself year after year has been tremendous. With my victory in August of 2002, I became the first man to win the two most competitive and most publicized drug-tested bodybuilding contests in the United States. I am also the only man who entered all of the first ten consecutive National Championships held since the event began in 1994. I have won most class titles at the (5) and I have competed on four Team USA international bodybuilding teams.
Yes, I’ve been in the trenches trying to achieve my own outrageous bodybuilding goals for a long time now. There is the old saying “Ask and you shall receive.” Well, I’ve been asking myself the same question over and over for over a decade:

I’ve been striving to reach the goal of being considered one of the greatest drug-free bodybuilders for quite some time—long before being drug-free was considered a popular or viable route to take if you wanted to be successful in this sport.
But, you know what? I really don’t think what I’ve personally achieved on the bodybuilding stage and in the gym is what makes me uniquely qualified to help YOU. Another question I’ve been asking myself during my bodybuilding career has been:

I’ll be open with you. The original reason why I wanted to share my knowledge with
others was because I wanted to get people off of my back. You see, when
I started growing, it seemed as though everyone began accusing
me of taking steroids, growth hormone, and other illegal
physique-enhancing drugs.
Every time I would hear their unfair and inaccurate
accusations, it would almost kill me inside. Over and over gain,
it felt as though someone punched me in the stomach
every time I would hear that garbage. Why would the criticism
bother me? I put far greater value in the quality of my character
as a man than I do the quality of my muscles.
You could say I started becoming a bodybuilding writer, coach, and
teacher to avoid pain. I thought if I could tell those people who doubted
my drug-free status what I actually did to succeed—and they achieved
awesome results themselves—they’d start seeing me as the upfront-and-honest, hard working, and dedicated person and bodybuilder I truly am.
I soon became addicted to helping others overcome the mental and physical challenges that stood in the way of building their bodies without the use of drugs. I’ve written literally hundreds of articles for the regional, national, and international bodybuilding magazines over the past 15+ years (Ironman, Muscular Development, Flex, Natural Muscle, Ironman Japan, Monthly Bodybuilding Japan, Natural Press of the UK just to name a few).
To say the least, I am very proud of what I’ve been able to create. More importantly, I sincerely believe my efforts can help YOU get what you want out of bodybuilding.
Heck, many years ago now, I even quit the full time job that I worked for over 15 years to fully focus on my passion for bodybuilding and fitness. Many of my family and friends thought I was crazy at the time, but I’m certain they’ll all agree it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.
You don’t have to be a competitive bodybuilder to benefit from what I’ve learned. All of us training in the gym—no matter what our goals are and our level of experience—are after the same things. We all want to build more muscle, lose body fat, build muscle and lose body fat at the same time, and most importantly, feel good about what we are doing. I am positive my work will help you get what you want from your bodybuilding and training efforts. I am so confident that I always offer a money-back guarantee that you’ll be 100 percent satisfied.
My journey has been both exhilarating and very exhausting. No matter how difficult and thankless my efforts may have seemed at times, I persevered with my mission to raise the level of drug-free bodybuilding knowledge for the benefit of us all. I’m proud to say some of my biggest doubters have become some of my biggest fans. Over the years, I have received over 1,000 letters and e-mails from people thanking me for the difference I have made in their bodybuilding efforts—and their lives.
I have asked literally hundreds of questions of other champion bodybuilders and experts over the years. Although I have actually used and evaluated every single one of the best lessons that I will share with you on this website, I didn’t create all of them myself. My knowledge has been acquired from some of the most-respected minds in bodybuilding.
I am always striving for more knowledge and have created more opportunities to learn than most bodybuilders will in their lifetimes. I have had access to most of the greatest drug-free bodybuilders in the world—and have asked them a lot of questions. 
You can see that my knowledge has come from a wide variety of experts in the bodybuilding world. Now YOU now have the unique opportunity to learn what I know in a clear and concise manner on this website.

While speaking with many of the top drug-free bodybuilders, I’ve noticed their methods of doing things are often very different. Some of them train very heavily and some rather lightly. Some do up to 20 sets for each body part while others do as few as four. Some of these champs train six days a week and some only three or four. Some diet strictly all year while others start watching what they eat just six weeks before a contest. A few of these athletes use every supplement available while others use just a few.
The differences oftentimes confuse those of us trying to model their strategies for success. Uncovering the similarities is a very complicated process. Many of us quickly give up on looking for those similarities, throw our hands in the air, and say, “I can’t learn from them. Everyone is different and responds differently to training and eating techniques!”
Make the decision TODAY to get the instruction and motivation that you MUST have in order to take your training to the next level! level!

Look, right now you are just one click away from getting your hands on one of the most tried and true bodybuilding nutrition programs ever. It's been used by many athletes worldwide and plain and simple - it works... Stop wasting your time and try to "wing it". Order and get started today.
Committed to Your Success,
Skip La Cour
World’s #1 Online Bodybuilding, Men’s Health, Fitness, and Motivational Coach
6x National Drug-Free Bodybuilding Champion
Success/Leadership Coach
PS: I believe this information can change your life. Thats why I'm going to tell you what you will be missing if you don't order now.
PPS: To be honest my original reason I wrote this program was to share my knowledge with others to get people off my back. You see, when I started building muscle and losing fat, it seemed as though everyone began accusing me of taking steroids, growth hormone, and other illegal physique enhancing drugs. Every time I would hear their unfair and inaccurate accusations it would kill me inside. Over and over again, it felt as though someone had punched me in the stomach every time I would hear that garbage. Why would the criticism bother me? Because I put far greater value in the quality of my character as a man than the quality of my muscles.
You could say I started becoming a bodybuilding writer, coach, and teacher to avoid the pain. I thought if those people who doubted my drug-free status saw what I actually did to succeed and they achieved the same awesome results themselves, they might start seeing me as the up front and honest, hard-working and dedicated person I truly am.
1. You will miss out on a proven muscle building program. Everyone else who orders will get ahead of you by gaining more muscle. When it's time to take your shirt off at the beach you will regret that you didn't order this.
2. The price will rise! That is a fact. I am using the $47 as a promotion price to get started and since this information is in e-book form there are no printing costs for me. But if people start asking for it in hard cover form I might discontinue the e-book and print out a hard copy version. If I do this the price will go up to at least $97.
3. This offer will not last, but if you order now, you'll be guaranteed to get all future additions and updates at no extra charge and you'll get all bonuses reports too. These alone are worth more than the $47 you will invest. Don't miss out - order now!

To quickly get your e-book click on the link below to go to the secure order form:

Internet Security Note: The secure order form on the next page will look like this: 

NOTE: Skip La Cour's Body building Nutrition is a completely downloadable series of e-manuals, digital videos and audio files. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer (no waiting or shipping costs!). The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists, etc, is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.
Please read our truthful disclaimer: Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a "typical" result is. Fact is: most people who download this program today will let it sit on their computer and do nothing with it; so often times the typical result is zero. Just execute our program to the letter and you'll see results and set yourself up for achieving anything else you want in life.
You should always contact your doctor before starting any exercise or training program.

Copyright © 2011, Skip LaCour's Bodybuilding Nutrition. All Rights Reserved.