Sunday, June 9, 2013

An Easy To Use Body Ball Workout

An Easy To Use Body Ball Workout…on a Poster

Productive Fitness Body Ball Poster
By Sue Shekut, Owner, Working Well Massage, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Wellness Coach, ACSM Personal Trainer
My favorite personal training poster-making company, Productive Fitness, just added a new poster on using the body ball! The body ball (also known as the Swiss ball) has become a great all around exercise tool in many gyms and homes. I started using mine years ago when I got into yoga and was trying to stretch my back. I have also used these balls to support my low back when I do crunches and it’s a wonderful tool for many types of abdominal work. The only downside to the body ball is storage. Storing a large round rubber ball in the closet takes up a lot of space! But having an exercise ball handy at all times makes for a quicker and easier workout.
Check out the new fitness poster at the productive fitness website here. The paper version of this poster is $9.95. The laminated version is $19.95.
Productive Fitness also sells Body Balls online. But you can get these exercise balls at Target, most sporting goods stores and of course, here: Thera-Band Exercise Balls – Green – 65 cm (26″) – For Body Height 5′ 6″ – 6′ 1″ or, for shorties like me (at 5′-2″), try the GoFit 55cm Professional Stability Ball